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What Would You Take from the Burning House?

Burning House Photo jpeg

Joy Sullivan, poet, teacher and Pages Artist-in-Residence shared “The Story We Tell With Our Stuff” on theТ Pages blogТ a few months ago.

TheТ On BeingТ post features TheТ Burning House, a project where people submit photos of what they would take with them if their house was burning down. Т This inspired me to do the same and I posted the project on my blog- you can see my object descriptions and my five-year-old son’s image and list descriptions here, too. Т 

This project is so interesting and so much fun! Т I can definitely see how it could be used in conjunction withТ The Object Lesson. Т These photos could become list poems, snippets of narrative for each of the objects, a reflection on what is most important etc.

If any teachers are interested in doing this project with me, shoot me an email. Т I can walk students through the steps, build it into a writing prompt, plan a gallery walk with you etc. Т Basically whatever would be helpful.

-Brandi Lust

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