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Tag: Teaching

A Pages Lesson to Leave With

Creative writing is a must. This seems obvious enough as I finish my fourth year in the Pages Program, but if I am being completely honest, creative writing had dwindled […]

Handwritten Pages

I still find evidence of my past when cleaning out a desk drawer, when flipping through a book from a previous class, when rediscovering a journal. I relish opening the […]

An Essay in Pictures

I worry sometimes that we are losing a little more of our creativity each time we work through the writing process. Typically in AP Literature and Composition, we write and […]

Meet our PAGES 2012-13 artists-in-residence

William Evans is a writer, instructor, and performer from Columbus, OH.Т  He is the founder and host of Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam and the President of Projecting Murals, LCC, a […]

National Day of Writing, Oct. 20

Here’s a lesson plan from the NYT Learning Network highlighting National Day of Writing The Learning Network: Why I Write: A Celebration of the National Day on Writing, Oct. 20 […]

Teaching texting as concise language

Check out this article from the New York Times about using texting to teach writing. Follow-up letters to editorial are here:Т What do you think?