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Blogging Challenge, Identity and Picassoheads

Task One: This week’s Edublog’s blogging challenge asks us to reflect on our online identity compared to our “real life” identity. Т On my blog site and on Twitter, I tend to keep it professional. Т I’m interested in education and technology and I think writing, reflecting and reading about education helps make me a better teacher. Т For example, I’m completing this post because it’s something I’m asking my students to do (and if you “talk the talk” you need to “walk the walk”). Т In “real life” I’m interested in my children and doing fun things outside of school. Т I usually post these topics on Facebook. Т My Facebook style is more personal and whimsical.

Task Two: One of our visits to the Wexner Center this year will be to experience “After Picasso: 80 Contemporary Artists.”Т  Some students and I played around with PicassoheadТ when exploring possible avatars. I encourage PAGES students and teachers to take a look at the gallery; you might see some of our self-portraits and you can even make your own.Т Т This is a fun way to introduce some of the elements of Picasso’s style!



Т image:

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  1. These are important conversations you’re having with students Laura. And you’re right, modeling is the key. Many students don’t realize they have to craft their online identities for each of their social media platforms to reflect how they want to use that particular tool. Social media platforms can be fun, but they can also serve as learning, resource, and collaborative tools. It’s important for students to realize they can make choices online that reflect their intentions and allow them to have fun on social media platforms, while thoughtfully managing their online identities.


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