Partnering Possibilities

by Laura Garber, South Western City Schools Career Academy One of my favorite components of the PAGES program at OSU’s Wexner Center for the Arts is the collaboration. I am […]

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole (MGPs)

by Jess Haney at West Liberty-Salem When I was working on my Bachelor’s at Wright State University, I was taught by Dr. Nancy Mack for one of my English Education […]

Happy Anniversary, Pages!

Tonight I had the privilege of being part of the “Wednesdays with the Wex” Celebrating 15 Years of Pages anniversary discussion. Joining me on this panel was a stellar group […]

Open hand holding a photo slide

Art Comes to You

In my first years as an English teacher, bringing art into my classroom took a lot more effort than it does today. Of course there were pictures in textbooks (some […]

My Hope for Students

The end of the 2019-2020 school year was, to say the least, unconventional; to say the most, it was awful! Community building is a huge part of my classroom environment […]

Home is Where the Classroom Is

Here we all are. All in the same sinking boat, waving but not drowning, or is that the other way around? Either way, we’re all doing the same: teaching from […]

Pages Summer Retreat

“A Powerful Discourse on Love”

During the Pages fall retreat, 15 educators and teaching artists gathered in a room with visual artist and scholar, Ann Hamilton, as she led us in a “choral reading” deconstructing […]

A Pages Lesson to Leave With

Creative writing is a must. This seems obvious enough as I finish my fourth year in the Pages Program, but if I am being completely honest, creative writing had dwindled […]

Blacking Out Robert Frost

You know when you’ve done a lesson so many times, it’s become muscle memory? You can just walk into class, set-it-up and then just go-! Poof! Wonderful lesson, wonderful class […]

Group Projects

Uniting 40 people with one project is not an easy task. It requires compromise, collaboration and patience. I’m happy to report our class successfully created a group project that added […]