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Terrance Hayes visits Campus Gateway Barnes&Noble

Terrance Hayes will speak at 7:30pm this Saturday, November 16, as part of the Barnes &Noble Bookstore’s Visiting Writer Series. Author of numerous publications including Hip Logic, Muscular Music, and Wind in a Box as well as a reputable poet in the current world of writing, Hayes exudes a passion for the process and bewilderment he finds in the medium of poetry.


Harvey, Yona. "Terrance Hayes." Photo. Academy of American Poets. Web. 13 November 2013. .

Harvey, Yona. “Terrance Hayes.” Photo. Academy of American Poets. Web. 13 November 2013. <;.

His most recent collection, Lighthead, explores the construction of experience both through personal insight and political condition. Hayes utilizes popular and high culture within the last few decades to influence his unique inquiry and revelation about the world in which we live. In a review, the New York Times wrote “Hayes’s fourth book puts invincibly restless wordplay at the service of strong emotions.”


For more information about Hayes, visit or about the presentation, readТ

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