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“Science is the greatest of all adventure stories”

After Miwa Matreyek’s Q and A yesterday, what stuck with me the most was that she originally studied physics in college, but moved into animation to better engage with science in a way most suitable for her.Т  As a science lover, but someone who did not do well in science classes, I love how she uses visual arts, performance, and narrative to express her awe of science and nature.Т  I instantly thought of a NYT op-ed by Brian Greene that I read a few years ago…

The piece does not directly advocate integration of science, art, and narrative, but rather touches on science’s power to enrich our lives.Т  Matreyek’s work connects the love of science with artistic expression, and offers an example on how we can connect such seemingly distinct topics through creative exploration.

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  1. I too was struck by Matreyek’s reflections on science and how she longed to “feel” what she was learning through the sciences, and how arts was a pathway to that knowing and feeling. -Dionne


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