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The Significance of the Artist’s Hand

I stumbled upon a webpage on PBS Independent Lens that featured a past project of Vik Muniz, our featured artist in the film, Wasteland. Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on the process an artist undertakes with each new project. There are so many components broken down within any artistic process. This includes the work of Vik Muniz. The most successful artists typically do not work alone. They require lots of assistance and a skilled team to complete a final project. This is the reality of how artists work today. It’s about problem solving, collaborating, researching and finding assistance that have the required skills to execute your vision. The “artist” may have the vision but the execution cannot be done alone. It’s nearly impossible. You have to think creatively. Of course, one could easily argue this is a portrayal of only one kind a “artist”Т  I am curious to know what the students response would be to the following questions: How important is the artist’s hand to the significance of a piece of artwork? or the acceptance? Does it become less impressive if it isn’t completed independently?


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