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The most compelling element of Anthropocene was its use of point of view. The extreme close-ups of intricate, organic designs that we realize are images of destruction as we zoom […]

An Essay in Pictures

I worry sometimes that we are losing a little more of our creativity each time we work through the writing process. Typically in AP Literature and Composition, we write and […]

Challenge the Challenges

A couple of weeks ago, after students finished reading parts ofТ Beowulf,Т Т I thought it would be fun for them to create storyboards and a movie trailer, capturing the most suspenseful moments, […]

On Risk-Taking

Т  Т  Т Educators who take risks in their classrooms stand a better chance of engaging students than those who stick to the textbook or a pre-packed curriculum. Educator risk taking […]


I came across a really interesting blog for educators, Edulicious! Т I think it could be an interesting tool to introduce students to blogging in general. Т It has a lot of […]


I’d never team taught until today with Mrs. Dionne Custer Edwards. I was hesitant to, in part, turn my classroom and the learning experience over to a guest and share […]

The importance of Arts education

Below is an article from stating the importance of Arts education in school. Т Their study states that including Arts education improves students’ problem-solving skills and creativity. Т This is especially […]

School Blog

Here is the link to one of my school blogs used for summer reading.   Not much activity but a short clip useful for anyone teaching 1984.