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Tag: art

Where do flipflops go when they break?

  Ocean Sole is a Kenyan start-up that’s transforming old flip-flops found on beaches and in waterways into works of art. “My goal is to create change in the way […]

Art Space in Gutted Houses in Franklinton

Here is another Columbus example of artists using the housing crisis to inspire their art.Т  Rooms to Let houses artists’ creations in houses that would otherwise not be used.Т  There […]

Art of The Great Depression

This is a collection of online art from The Great Depression.Т  I made a Power Point with a few of the pieces, and I am going to use them as […]

The importance of Arts education

Below is an article from stating the importance of Arts education in school. Т Their study states that including Arts education improves students’ problem-solving skills and creativity. Т This is especially […]