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PAGES Program Overview 2013-2014 Т 


Media Arts experienceТ Т Т Т Т Т Т Т 


Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley

Т waste-land-ver2On screen, students will view Wasteland, an Academy Award nominee for Best Feature Documentary Film. Over the course of three years in Brazil, this film followed renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeyed from Brooklyn, NYC to his native Brazil to capture the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. While there he encountered and photographed “an eclectic band of ‘catadores’—self-designated pickers of recyclable materials. Muniz’s initial objective was to ‘paint’ the catadores with garbage. However, his collaboration with these inspiring characters as they recreated photographic images of themselves out of garbage revealed both the dignity and despair of the catadores as they began to re-imagine their lives.”Т 

The film tackles difficult topics as students will explore and critically think through discussion and writing inspired by the notion of art as transformative and cultural contexts that include issues of social awareness, social justice, and media literacy.

Wasteland – Resource Page (web links)

Visual Arts experience

Blues for Smoke – various artists

On view, students will tour the exhibition Blues for Smoke a touring interdisciplinary exhibition which first premiered at LA’s Museum of Contemporary Arts (MOCA). This exhibition will “explore a wide range of contemporary art, music, literature, and film through the lens of the blues and blues aesthetics.” This exhibition sets out to explore the blues “not simply as a musical category, but as a web of “artistic sensibilities and cultural idioms,” and features works by more than 50 artists from the 1950s to the present, a range of works including musical, multimedia, and cultural materials. Blues for Smoke was developed over several years by MOCA Curator Bennett Simpson, in close consultation with artist Glenn Ligon.

Students will engage concepts in writing and art that include: cultural contexts, narrative, tension, irony, and metaphor. Students will participate in a tour to view and discuss the artwork, then have an opportunity to write in their journals in the galleries.

Т Blues for Smoke- Resource Page (web links)

Performing Arts Experience

This World Made Itself performance and Q&A

Miwa Matreyek

miwaThis World Made Itself is the latest multimedia live performance piece by media artist Miwa Matreyek. The work combines projected animation and the artist’s live shadow on screen, as she becomes part of and interacts with the fantastical world of the video. Т Merging film and theater to create a multimedia spectacle, This World Made Itself is a visually and musically-rich journey through the history of the earth, from the universe’s epic beginnings to our current, complex world of human interaction. Т The piece will unfold both on a semi-scientific level (imagine flipping through an illustrated children’s encyclopedia) and an emotional dream-like level of surrealism, metaphor, and fantasy. Т This World Made Itself taps into our desires to see and touch worlds beyond our physical presence/present moment, and grasps at a visceral sense of time and space.

Students will engage concepts in writing and art that include: narrative, metaphor, fantasy, and surrealism.

This World Made Itself_Miwa Matreyek – Resource Page (web links)

PAGES Exchange and Exhibition (Columbus Metropolitan Library)

April/May 2014

2013 PAGES ReceptionAfter the PAGES experiences are over students will revise works written and created throughout the year. Each student will have an opportunity to submit, publish, and/or share their work in the book, at a public open mic reading/exhibition at the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML). We publish an anthology each year accompanied by an open mic reading and exhibition at the CML main branch downtown. There are multiple ways students can express themselves and share work they’ve written and/or created from their year in PAGES.


Т *You will receive a full collection of hard copy and electronic teaching and learning resources in your 2013-14 teacher binder and your flash drive containing the resources in PDF version will be distributed at the summer teacher workshop.



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