PAGES 2012-13

The Pages program pairs literacy and writing with the exploration of contemporary art, film, and the performing arts. This interdisciplinary multi-visit program engages students through challenging contemporary arts experiences coupled with in-depth writing opportunities. Students will have several opportunities to discuss, document and respond in writing thoughts, observations, and opinions of what theyт€™ve gained from their experiences at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Read a more about the 2012-2013 program:

Media Arts experience

Louder Than a Bomb

Jon Siskel and Greg Jacobs

October 30, 2012


On screen, students will view Louder than a Bomb, a documentary film based on the Chicago-based poetry slam that boasts to be the largest in the U.S. The film follows several young writers from various neighborhoods in the Chicago area, as they write, prepare, edit, prepare, and finally perform their work in front of their peers at this annual poetry event. The film tackles difficult topics as teen grapple with coming of age through their words and the support of their teachers and peers. Т Students will explore and critically think through writing inspired by elements of media literacy, creative writing, culture, literary integrity, and the writing process.


Visual Arts experience

Annie Leibovitz

November/December 2012


On view, students will tour the 2012 Fall Exhibition featuring the work of well-known artist and photographer Annie Leibovitz. Her work has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, with her images of popular culture icons most notably known. All four galleries will be filled with photographs that encompass a range of Leibovitzт€™s long career. Students will engage concepts in writing and art that include: portraiture, landscape, narrative, tension, irony, and metaphor. Students will participate in a tour to view and discuss the artwork, then have an opportunity to write in their journals in the galleries.


I Malovolio performance and Q&A

Tim Crouch

February 15, 2013


On stage, students will view I, Malvolio, the 4th production by performing artist Tim Crouch, that uses characters from Shakespeare as creative springboard to his own funny and engaging way to draw young audiences to Shakespeare. I Malvolio is a re-imagination of Twelfth Night, and is performed in modern English, but uses a minor characterт€™s perspective creatively to reach a younger audience in a way that Crouch claims т€œbecomes an honest response rather than a pale reduction.т€ Students will have opportunities to explore Shakespearean themes including: humor, power, love, and metaphor in their own writing, thinking, and discussion.


PAGES Exchange and Exhibition (The Carnegie Gallery, Columbus Metropolitan Library)


After the PAGES experiences are over, students will have an opportunity to publish and share their work at an open mic. We publish a book each year and this year will have an exhibition at The Carnegie Gallery downtown in the Columbus main branch of the library.

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