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Category: Writing

A Nod to Being

The text of the piece A Nod to Being reads: In a subconscious nod to my… [existence] …I went through brief phases of being. It seems we’re in a constant […]

How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper

I came across the blog post belowТ and thought it a curious path to writing a decent academic paper: “How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper I wrote this when I […]

A Teacher’s Guide to Blog Posts

  In the blogging world, it is hard to determine what your online audience wants. Here is a great article that outlines the appropriate length of a blog post based […]

PAGES has an Instagram!

          Follow us on Instagram:Т wexnerpagesprogramТ and see what we’re up to throughout this coming school year!  

Student Voices Through Blogging

  Students have valuable contributions when it comes to solving some of our most pressing problems, and they grow stronger in their interpretation and understanding of the world the more […]

Found Poetry: Chiseling Creatively

After a tip from Gary Liebesman, we discovered Srikanth Reddy, an assistant professor of English and visiting University of Chicago poet. After experiencing a drought of inspiration subsequent to the […]

Facebook 10 Stories

More and more our relationship to technology is transforming ways we connect with people around the world. Today I found out about Facebook’s 10 Stories project.Т  The site highlights 10 […]