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Category: Teaching

A Take On Speaking and Listening

ELA teachers sometimes gloss over the CCSS’s Speaking and Listening standards. Based on conversations with friends who employ 18-25 year-olds, this is evident in some graduates’ job performance. Our task […]

Student Empowerment: Goal Setting and Grit in the Classroom

Mind toolsТ describes the acronym SMART goals in the following way: “SТ – Specific (or Significant),Т MТ – Measurable (or Meaningful),Т AТ – Attainable (or Action-Oriented),Т RТ – Relevant (or Rewarding), andТ TТ – Time-bound (or Trackable)” I like that […]

Write Something (Outside)

Outside: The classroom The box The same ‘ol, same ‘ol The norm Write something (outside), in the grass, under the wide open sky, in the fresh air, with a calm […]

Learning Space: Think, Believe, Share

Students are beginning to work on This I Believe essays. In this image, students have paired up with a partner from across the room to discuss the strengths/writing strategies of […]

Learning Space: A Season of Firsts

At 6:05pm, my classroom is all set up and ready for students to show up for their first day of school tomorrow. I’ve used Brandi’s Types of Thinking as a […]

Learning Space: Room 13

Back to School at ACPA: (Might there be a more boring way to announce the reinvigoration of our learning space in Room 13? Probably. And yet the phrase leaves […]

Girlhood Cont.

There’s never enough time, and who knows that better than educators. So in an effort to offer up a few larger themes to think about and potential pathways, here is […]

Day One Download: What We’re Reading

These titles, with great depth and range, are some of the works we’re reading, thinking about, sharing. The Teenage Brain – Frances Jensen Material World – Peter Menzel […]

How Do I Know I’m Beautiful?

“How Do I Know I’m Beautiful? Unless someone tells me…” Т A student asked this question in class last week while discussing identity and perception. Т The question moved me. Т I wrote […]

Risk Taking

After we viewed the documentary,Т Forbidden Voices: How to Start a Revolution with a Laptop.Т The film featured three women bloggers Т in Cuba, China and Iran who write about social injustice in […]

A Musing on the Museum

This, from Neil Postman’s The End of Education, might make for an interesting discussion, activity, or research assignment. (Postman’s language is quoted; mine is italicized.) “I recommend a subject that, […]

On Risk-Taking

Т  Т  Т Educators who take risks in their classrooms stand a better chance of engaging students than those who stick to the textbook or a pre-packed curriculum. Educator risk taking […]

Is Offense the New Threat to Free Speech?

The article “No Offense: The New Threats to Free Speech” isТ from John O’Sullivan at The Wall Street Journal. See:ТТ  O’Sullivan writes the following curious points in quotation marks. I occasionally […]