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Category: PAGES

Students as Teachers

Aristotle once said that “Teaching is the highest form of understanding”. As a teacher, I know for a fact that having a “high understanding” of something definitely does not mean […]

Questioning, Processing, Collaborating

Like me, many of my students were moved byТ Shawnee, Ohio. Т They described it as “moving,” “inspirational,”tear-inducing,” “physically painful,” “spectacular,” “genius,” “emotional,” “exhausting.” Т It was a sensory deluge many had never […]

Blogging 101

Dave Coverly. Speed Bump. 2005. Two years ago, as part of PAGES at the Wexner Center, my students and I experiencedТ Forbidden Voices: How to Start a Revolution with a Laptop. […]

The Sounds of Contemporary Lit

I am excited to work more explicitly with sound in preparation for Shawnee, Ohio.Т  In my teaching, I largely ignore sound as a strategy in creative writing. I was actually […]

The Kuleshov Effect and Soviet Montage

Posted by Eric Meiring   During our meeting this week, the conversation shifted to the way art can affect the perception of the viewer, and, in turn, how these perceptions […]

Journal Contest

Last year some of my students made beautiful covers on their moleskin journals. This year I wanted to set the bar high for inspiration. Here is my journal:     […]

Making metaphor from scratch

Mary Reufle begins at the beginnings. She offers “Metaphor as time, the time it takes for an exchange of energy to occur … if metaphor is not idle comparison, but […]

Community through Video Production

As I’ve started thinking about the new school year, I’m focused on developing community in my classroom – in my AP Lit, Humanities English 10 (my PAGES class), and D-Town […]

What to Do When History Repeats Itself

After a year of learning about ourselves through literature, nonfiction, art, drama, and music, Reynoldsburg Encore Academy freshmen tackled their first true high school research project. Instead of sticking computers […]

Learning with a side of grades

A week ago, a student said something so sad in my Humanities English 10 class. We were about to choose parts for that day’s reading of Hansberry’s A Raisin in […]