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Visual Writing: Letters, Words, Text as Art

Artwork/design by UK graphic designer Craig Ward   In the classrooms, we have engaged in some really interesting conversations about what is or is not writing, what students consider writing […]

Hip Hop and Shakespeare

Hi all, In reading the excellent posts in the weeks since our meeting, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we enliven words on a page for our students, and […]

Stand Up for Shakespeare through OSU

The PAGES program next year will feature for its performing arts experience I Malvolio, a re-imagination of Twelfth Night by Tim Crouch. The play is performed in modern English, but […]

National Day of Writing, Oct. 20

Here’s a lesson plan from the NYT Learning Network highlighting National Day of Writing The Learning Network: Why I Write: A Celebration of the National Day on Writing, Oct. 20 […]

Occupy Wall Street Movement Civili Disobedience in NYCТ to perceived corporate, financial, and government failures in the wake of the evoloving recession, mortgage & banking crises, etc;

How did we get into this housing crisis?

We talked about a This American Life that really outlines the housing crisis and how it happened. Т It also discusses the personal stories of those affected. Т Here are the links: […]

BBC: In Steinbeck’s Footsteps

Here is an article from the BBC in which Paul Mason retraces the journey of the Joads from Oklahoma to California in the context of the current recession. In Steinbeck’s […]

Some sites about the economy

Here are a few links related to the subprime mortgage and lending crisis, that might be helpful in examining the economic content of the Builders show: Alan Greenspan 2008 Testimony […]

The Creativity Crisis

Here is an article from Newsweek (via the Daily Beast) that outlines the decline in creativity in children over the past twenty years. Also included is a description of the […]

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For word cloudsТ Т and Prezi.Т Both are easy, fun, and useful for classroom use.