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Category: Literacy

A Musing on the Museum

This, from Neil Postman’s The End of Education, might make for an interesting discussion, activity, or research assignment. (Postman’s language is quoted; mine is italicized.) “I recommend a subject that, […]

Forbidden Voices (Class Word Cloud)

After viewing the documentaryТ ForbiddenТ VoicesТ (and returning to an empty school without electricity!) we created Т class word clouds using We wanted to share them. (We copied down words that came to […]

Is Offense the New Threat to Free Speech?

The article “No Offense: The New Threats to Free Speech” isТ from John O’Sullivan at The Wall Street Journal. See:ТТ  O’Sullivan writes the following curious points in quotation marks. I occasionally […]

How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper

I came across the blog post belowТ and thought it a curious path to writing a decent academic paper: “How to Write a (Barely) Passing Paper I wrote this when I […]

What will your art do?

What will your art do? Below are a variety of artists creating art as a catalyst for social change. TheirТ work reflects contemporary social justice issues, coming from a place of […]

Need Ideas, We’ve Got ‘Em

50 Ways to Teach With Current Events is a mega idea list compiled by the New York Times to engage students in literacy and writing using current events. The news […]

A Teacher’s Guide to Blog Posts

  In the blogging world, it is hard to determine what your online audience wants. Here is a great article that outlines the appropriate length of a blog post based […]