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Category: Learning

The politics of Rio

Wasteland takes place in the Jardim Gramacho, located right outside the city of Rio de Janeiro. Being that I spent sometime in Rio over the last several years, I feel […]

Realizing Value

With the Wasteland experience approaching rather soon, I wanted to share a great group of artists I had the opportunity to visit with in Miami during Art Basel last week. […]

OCTELA Education Conference

The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts will hold a two-day conference to promote and engage the prominence of revered writers and creative educators as advocates of innovative […]

Craft Cool Timelines   Not sure how this fits in the scope of our Pages program, but perhaps someone might find a use for it in class. I had a student use […]

PAGES Teacher Meeting Recap and Resources

Our recent PAGES Teacher Meeting cultivated a rich landscape for the flourishing of investigation, creativity, and collaboration. Teacher-partners expressed their affirmation for the growth in student maturity with respect to […]