Gazing at things with Naomi Shihab Nye

It has been wonderful to meet students this week and start to build foundations and practices to support learning through PAGES this year.Т  This week we read, analyzed, and modeled […]

Duck, Duck, Memory

When I was a girl, I had a tiny, yellow, glass duck—no bigger than a button or acorn. Even though I adored it, I used to repeatedly throw it to […]

Stories about the Stuff of Our Lives

Here’s another great read on possessions/belongings as we begin conversations about “The Object Lesson” in the classroom. On Being with Krista Tippet: “The Story We Tell with Our Stuff.”Т  “The […]

Q and A with Pages Teachers

In my role as Educator-in-Residence in the wonderfulТ Pages program with the inspirational Dionne Custer-EdwardsТ I have been teaching Mindful Creativity. Т We began on day one with an introduction to mindfulness, and […]

Girlhood Cont.

There’s never enough time, and who knows that better than educators. So in an effort to offer up a few larger themes to think about and potential pathways, here is […]

Day One Download: What We’re Reading

These titles, with great depth and range, are some of the works we’re reading, thinking about, sharing. The Teenage Brain – Frances Jensen Material World – Peter Menzel […]

Dear [Thing that has Power Over Me],

Our teacher-partner/Pages artist in residence Kim Leddy recently visited ACPA (see: I like to leave time to improvise when Kim is in the room because she is–I think–first and […]

POWER Wordcloud

“American Power” Click on the link above to see this wordТ cloud at WordItOut. You may also view it on this website if you enable JavaScript (see your web browser settings). […]

Discovering What Humanities Means to Me

In November, my Sophomore Humanities English class began our first experiment with integrating literature, history, and art. Our study focused on the social movements of anti-slavery and women’s suffrage in […]

Five Tips for Better Photographs

American Power pre-visit FIVE TIPSТ for taking photographs Please visit the link to find tips for taking photographs and for looking at photographs. Also, find ideas on how to pair photos […]

How Do I Know I’m Beautiful?

“How Do I Know I’m Beautiful? Unless someone tells me…” Т A student asked this question in class last week while discussing identity and perception. Т The question moved me. Т I wrote […]