Student Empowerment: Goal Setting and Grit in the Classroom

Mind toolsТ describes the acronym SMART goals in the following way: “SТ – Specific (or Significant),Т MТ – Measurable (or Meaningful),Т AТ – Attainable (or Action-Oriented),Т RТ – Relevant (or Rewarding), andТ TТ – Time-bound (or Trackable)” I like that […]

’53 Ways to Check Understanding’

Edutopia recently published a list with creative suggestions on how to acknowledge, assess student understandings. Opening up “measures” or ways to know what students know, allows for an assessment on […]

Six-Word Memoirs

This week, my students are working on six-word memoirs and flash fiction as an introduction to our short story unit. With an essential question of “What makes a story a […]

Teaching Failure

Т Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  It was our first week of school. On Friday a student walked in and asked, “What are we doing today?”“We are going to practice failing!” I announced enthusiastically. The […]

Bright Beginnings

This year had to be one of the best beginnings of the school year for me, and I’ve been at this 15 years, so I’ll take it!Т  Reflecting on the […]

Write Something (Outside)

Outside: The classroom The box The same ‘ol, same ‘ol The norm Write something (outside), in the grass, under the wide open sky, in the fresh air, with a calm […]

Cincinnatti Goddamn

On the September 1st, the Wex is hosting a screening of this documentary and the filmmakers will be there for a Q & A. It is free! Once a month, […]

Learning Space: Think, Believe, Share

Students are beginning to work on This I Believe essays. In this image, students have paired up with a partner from across the room to discuss the strengths/writing strategies of […]

Learning Space: A Season of Firsts

At 6:05pm, my classroom is all set up and ready for students to show up for their first day of school tomorrow. I’ve used Brandi’s Types of Thinking as a […]

Learning Space: Room 13

Back to School at ACPA: (Might there be a more boring way to announce the reinvigoration of our learning space in Room 13? Probably. And yet the phrase leaves […]