Space, Shapes and the Silences Between

“When he heard music, he no longer listened to the notes, but the silences between.Т  When he read a book, he gave himself over to the commas and semicolons, to […]

More Fascinating Objects…

During these pre-visits, I’ve been so struck by how students are able to generate funny, redemptive, sad, wise, and downright profound responses to visual objects. Here’s aТ couple of lovely momentsТ from […]

Poetry as Community: The Power of Asking

“Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference.” —David Oxberg Pablo Neruda in his charming TheТ Book of Questions asks: What color is […]

The Language of Touch: Tangible Poetry

I’ve been thinking a lot about tangibility lately. Why is it important to touch objects?What does their tactility express? What does it mean that to holdТ something is know it in […]

Object Poems for the Classroom

Gorgeous poems for classroom analysis surrounding the importance of personal artifact. Lovely reflections on identity, relationship, and heritage via objects. Video Credit: Red Room Company

What Would You Take from the Burning House?

Joy Sullivan, poet, teacher and Pages Artist-in-Residence shared “The Story We Tell With Our Stuff” on theТ Pages blogТ a few months ago. TheТ On BeingТ post features TheТ Burning House, a project where people […]

Are Our Objects Alive?

In our round table discussion today, we talked about what “secret lives” objects might have. Here is an example. Т Enjoy! – Brandi image:

A Take On Speaking and Listening

ELA teachers sometimes gloss over the CCSS’s Speaking and Listening standards. Based on conversations with friends who employ 18-25 year-olds, this is evident in some graduates’ job performance. Our task […]