Defining Art

As we get ready to see Imitation of Life next week, I wanted students to think more deeply about their own definitions of art. To facilitate this, I used a […]

Cloning Socratic Seminar

After viewingТ Never Let Me Go as part of our PAGES experience at the Wexner Center, students were eager to learn more about human cloning. Т We read the following articles in […]

Poetry: Broadway and Black-Out

Poetry: Broadway and Black-Out Broadway: Raise your hand if you are familiar with Hamilton, the latest broadway craze sweeping the nation. If you’ve never heard of it,Т check out this website […]

Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab

Just stumbled across this fascinating, albeit terrifying,Т resource. I thought it would be an excellent follow up to the film and aid inТ continuing the conversation in the classroom.  

Students as Teachers

Aristotle once said that “Teaching is the highest form of understanding”. As a teacher, I know for a fact that having a “high understanding” of something definitely does not mean […]