Handwritten Pages

I still find evidence of my past when cleaning out a desk drawer, when flipping through a book from a previous class, when rediscovering a journal. I relish opening the […]

An Essay in Pictures

I worry sometimes that we are losing a little more of our creativity each time we work through the writing process. Typically in AP Literature and Composition, we write and […]

Finding little sparks of magic…

When was the last time you thought of learning as magical? From the day to day demands laid on so many educators, myself included, I can see how this might […]

Changing things up a bit…

After three years of Huck Finn as the Summer Reading Text for College Prep English to Sophomores, I decided I needed something that felt a little more relevant, something that […]


  PAGES has done it again: pushed the envelope, challenged our minds, opened our hearts and widened our scope! As is to be expected, the unexpected loomed but quickly disappeared […]

How to Teach ELA in a Career Technical High School

Guess what? This book doesn’t exist. FIRST: I skimmed through my inbox, clicking “delete, delete, delete” in response to the various emails flooding my mailbox. Adobe Creative Cloud…Quizlet…Newsela Daily. I […]

Challenge the Challenges

A couple of weeks ago, after students finished reading parts ofТ Beowulf,Т Т I thought it would be fun for them to create storyboards and a movie trailer, capturing the most suspenseful moments, […]

Designing Better Rubrics

Rubrics are useful for giving students straight feedback that reflects their performance and for showing them where they need to stretch their skills. They can be task specific or general. […]

Know Thy Student

How much, a young mentee educator asked me, must I know about students in order to be most helpful to them? This was my response: I need to see what […]