Pearls Before Swine

Here is the cartoon clip that Chiquita referred to on Friday. Some interesting points that came up in the discussion: -Is the act of “the perfect con” an art in […]

Film Production References

Cinematic Terms т€“ A Filmmakers Glossary – Т  Documentary:Т  A History of the Non-fiction Film т€“ Erik Barnouw, 1983 Т  Directing the Documentary т€“ Michael Rabiger, 1987

A Selected Vocabulary for Students of Film

Character – the fictitious or real individual in a story, performed by an actor; also called players. Т  Cinema Veriteт€™ – a French word that literally means “true cinema” or […]

The Honor Code

Honor Code Isn't What It Used To Be WOSU Talk of the Nation audio discussion on Honor Codes in American and European history NY Times Book Review: The Honor Code: […]

Meet our 2010-2011 artists-in-residence

The following teaching artists will work with Pages students and teachers this year: Chiquita Mullins Lee, writer Chiquita Mullins Lee is the project coordinator for Ohioт€™s Poetry Out Loud National […]


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