Ira Glass on storytelling

I love how this artist took Ira’s words and used them visually. Т Ira and I are on a first name basis because he is my nerd crush. Hope you enjoy […]

Paula Hayes works with teens…

  Will Paula Hayes be here? Is something like this even an option?? 😀      

Art of The Great Depression

This is a collection of online art from The Great Depression.Т  I made a Power Point with a few of the pieces, and I am going to use them as […]

S.Rond website

Here’s a link to my website. I try to keep it updated. Т Usually the front page has one of my newest pieces. Im looking forward to working with all of […]

Builders Powerpoint

Here’s the Powerpoint, with info on the Builders, Great Depression, and mortgage crisis: Teacher Powerpoint presentation

How did we get into this housing crisis?

We talked about a This American Life that really outlines the housing crisis and how it happened. Т It also discusses the personal stories of those affected. Т Here are the links: […]

BBC: In Steinbeck’s Footsteps

Here is an article from the BBC in which Paul Mason retraces the journey of the Joads from Oklahoma to California in the context of the current recession. In Steinbeck’s […]

Some sites about the economy

Here are a few links related to the subprime mortgage and lending crisis, that might be helpful in examining the economic content of the Builders show: Alan Greenspan 2008 Testimony […]

Columbus is awesome

This video is about a local artist and his unique civic pride project. The project could “fit” into categories of street art, environmentalism, activism…all sorts of fun stuff. And it’s […]

Online Graphic Dictionary

The link below provides students a unique way to define vocabulary words. Visual connections emerge between a word’s definition and associated terms or ideas. The colors and arrangement often prove […]

The Ultimate in Concise Writing

One idea from the Pages resources was the “Six Word Story.” Т This is an activity that I have also done with my students as an introduction at the beginning of […]