Group Projects

Uniting 40 people with one project is not an easy task. It requires compromise, collaboration and patience. I’m happy to report our class successfully created a group project that added […]

The Power of Trust

The bond between a teacher and her students is one that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Teachers take their students, sometimes hundreds of them at a time, under […]


The most compelling element of Anthropocene was its use of point of view. The extreme close-ups of intricate, organic designs that we realize are images of destruction as we zoom […]

Writing is art.

Art is freedom. Art is expression. Art is powerful. When I was in school, I thought art was for the super talented, super creative people who were good at drawing […]

The Cailleach Béara

Even though this is West Liberty-Salem’s sophomore year of Pages, this is the first year I am navigating an actual class through the program. Mythology may not have been my […]

Poetry Workshop in Six Steps

Every year for the Pages Program, the resident educators and the artists in residence get together at The Wexner Center to begin to imagine our year together. Now, if you’re […]

The Devil’s Advocate

It’s finally that time of year! March research brings April debates to my Sophomore English classes. Sure, maybe not the most creative of units, and maybe not really the best […]