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Gaining Power Through Mindfulness: Thinking, Feeling and Action


“What worries you masters you.”

– Beam, “Ten Mindful Quotes…

Aaron Sherman, long-term partner in theТ PagesТ program and teacher atТ ACPA,Т asked me a few months ago to visit his class, creatively themed around power.Т  He wanted me to present/co-teach a lesson on gaining power through mindfulness over various aspects of one’s life.

We explored this topic in three different areas:

Power over thinking– In this part of the two-day lesson we explored howТ focused attention practice, such as focusing on the breath, can allow students to get distance from their thoughts enough to decide with which thoughts they would like to engage.

Power over feeling– In this part of the lesson, we focused on practices for dealing with negative emotions due to overwhelming stress viaТ heart-focused breathingТ meditation.

Power over actions– in the final section of the lesson, we focused on howТ loving-kindness meditationТ can be used to feel more compassion and connection for others

Click here to read the rest of the article and learn strategies to use for each of these focus areas.Т 

– By Brandi Lust

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  1. The students enjoyed the activities we worked through and benefitted greatly. It was a meaningful day of learning and exploration–well worth the effort! Thanks again Brandi!


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