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African Art and Picasso

Good morning, everyone!

Here is just a quick video post which I found to be very interesting!Т  It’s about the influence of African art and Picasso’s work. It’s rather short – something to watch during your lunch break. The most affecting moment of the video, for me personally, is towards the end.Т  To highlight the quote, specifically, from Gus Casely-Hayford:Т  “I think these are very significant points of inspiration for Picasso, for Matisse, for some of the greatest artists for the 20th century, and the heartbreaking thing for me and for many other people is that this practice actually gives birth to the idea modernity at the turn of the 20th century comes to be known as primitive, and the practice inspired as primitivism. I can’t think of anything more wounding than that.”

This dialog will be examined in the gallery spaces with pieces by


Fred Wilson’s Picasso/Whose Rules?

And the work of

quel-avenir-pour-notre-artwhat-future-for-our-art-1997-1337948729_org samba-quel-avenir-image3 Who Future 1

Chéri Samba’sТ  Quel avenir pour notre art? (What future for our art?)

These works can be used to open the dialog about inspiration verses appropriation verses plagiarism.

Bryan Moss

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