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Student Empowerment: Goal Setting and Grit in the Classroom

SMART Goal Graphic

Mind toolsТ describes the acronym SMART goals in the following way:

“SТ – Specific (or Significant),Т MТ – Measurable (or Meaningful),Т AТ – Attainable (or Action-Oriented),Т RТ – Relevant (or Rewarding), andТ TТ – Time-bound (or Trackable)”

I like that there are multiple interpretations of these categories according to this definition. Т For example, in any context, goals that are significant, meaningful and rewarding are factors that should be considered if one is going to take the time to plan and reflect on a new practice or strategy.

A few weeks ago, I worked with Laura Garber in the classroom on a lesson where she wanted students to explore grit as a way to meet meaningful SMART goals. Т The lesson had the following learning targets:

  1. Students will explore the elements of grit and and assess their own “grittiness”
  2. Students will establish personal SMART goals and reflect upon how they may meet those goals.

Click on this link to see the rest of the lesson and download a goal sheet and a grit scale test for students for use in the classroom.

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