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Teachers’ Guide To Constructing A Cut-up through Collage

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Hello Everyone,


This blog post aimsТ to serveТ as an aid for you (the teachers). Т The purpose is in giving you the confidence and comfort when going forth with your students while they create their masterpieces.

We will be exploring through the cut-up technique what visual imagery we can pull from the After Picasso: 80 Contemporary Artists.

The second Cut-Up:

Artists in in of impact

our potent

several vibrant this all occupying


This Cut-Up was created using, the “Cut-Up Machine”.

The text was pulled from the first paragraph on the “After Picasso” information page on the Wexner website.

Explore Pablo Picasso’s potent legacy and persistent impact on several generations of artists in this vibrant exhibition occupying all our galleries this fall.

Step 1: I use an old Picasso book,Т whichТ I own, to pull my pictures andТ inspiration for the “cut-up”. The great thing about collaging, is that you don’t need any drawing or painting abilities. It is all about scale, depth and the composition.




Step 2: Since I’m using the “Cut-Up Machine” to create my words, I will be writing the text for this piece.

12007040_967782599926582_494908936_nТ Т  12030853_967782619926580_833679218_n11121405_967782593259916_1381662451_n12016537_967782576593251_1358262234_n

Step 3: The key to a strong collage is knowing when enough is enough. We will now subtract from our creation.

I am using whiteout and white paint to subtract from the original collage. The reason for this is because the negative space (background) is white, allowing a push and pull effect to balance the art. I would say this is the only technical part of the entire project that may be challenging. Think of it like making a cake, you can always add more sugar, but if you add too much sugar then you may ruin the cake.


1 2


Т The final version


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