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Learning Space: Think, Believe, Share

Students are beginning to work on This I Believe essays.

In this image, students have paired up with a partner from across the room to discuss the strengths/writing strategies of their favorite This I Believe essays from the NPR site. Over the weekend, students read at least five essays, and from those five, chose their favorite, and will write an analysis paragraph about the organizational or stylistic strategies they saw the writer using in the essay. Students will post these observations to an online discussion, identifying and gathering the strengths and strategies we found present in the NPR essays, to build a rubric for our own This I Believe essays.


-Tom Hering


  1. I love teaching these. Do you have a favorite? I love “The Beatles Live On” and “Be Cool to the Pizza Delivery Guy.”


    • I also love the pizza delivery guy essay, but my favorite is Ivory Harlow’s “Peace Begins With One Person”. I choke up just describing it to the kids as I am introducing the project. So good.


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