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Learning Space: We Looked, Then Looked Some More

Students explored this chilly morning, finding an object that appealed to them, looking at it for an extended period, and using words and pictures to describe their objects. Practicing focused looking and focused writing took energy they are unused to using, but by the end of 15 minutes, students had something to bring back to class and share. I enjoyed seeing students outside of our shared classroom space on school grounds; I enjoyed the particular care some took in handling their objects!


And then…

Our outside observations turned to writing.

-Kim Swensen

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  1. I LOVE your students’ work! How thoughtful and reflective they are. What an insight from your student who connected with the rock as an interpretation of self: “We don’t choose how we are seen… We are painted by others… [Those who paint us] know not what is under the think layers of paint.”


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