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Argentinan director Matias Pineiro and the timeless appeal of Shakespeare

I’ve been trying to awaken/reviveТ in my seniors an appreciation of Shakespeare that transcends the written page. To that end, I have been exploring some of the more contemporary movie adaptations Т and otherТ  on-line resources. I shared the timely information from the Wexner Center upcoming events about the screening of Viola and Rosalinda, directed by Matias Pineiro the first week of April, plus the screening of The Princess of France on Wednesday, April 15. I’m looking forward to hearing PineiroТ discuss his movies and his fascination with Shakespeare. My studentsТ are in the process of choosing a movie adaptation of Shakespeare to compare with the original play. As a class, we looked at The Taming of the Shrew and itsТ 1999 high schoolТ version as Ten Things I Hate About You.Т Building onТ Sonnet 141 and its modern version from the movie, my students have also used The Sonnet Project at Т as a resource for contemporary interpretations of sonnets in a New York setting. I conclude my ramble through the Bard by taking a sunny day and going outside and writing Shakespearean insults in chalk all across our school parking lot (

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