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Mark Lomax, PAGES artist, among the featured in Columbus Alive

Mark Lomax Black Lives Matter: Columbus artists and musicians keeping debate alive after chants fade

I was so happy to see Mark Lomax on the cover of the February 19 issue of Columbus Alive. Mark was a skillfulТ  Blues guide in the 2014 PAGES program. Our students last saw him as a panelist this past fall during our Media Arts Experience, Forbidden Voices. Echoing some of the themes of repression and finding your voice that were expressed in the documentary, drummer Lomax has teamed with tenor saxophonist Eddie Bayard to record #BlackLivesMatter that was recently released. Another artist featured in the article is rapper Correy Parks, he said, “I feel like art in general is the great connector; Sometimes people can’t put an issue in a light where it’s personal to them, but as a musician, you can paint a picture and make everyone relate to these ideas.”

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