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Additional Publishing Opportunity for Students (Emerging Writers)

We will see the performance American PowerТ Т in late February, and this is a submission opportunity for unpublished writers to submit creative writing that deals with the subject of fracking. It’s in the media and the politics surrounding the practice is complex and polarizing as it has wide environmental and economic implications. If students are inspired, they can submit their creative written work to an upcoming anthology of writing on the topic. Here’s how:

Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking America is seeking the best, freshest, and most insightful new writing that considers the implications of fracking. The editors seek prose and poetry that speaks to the complexity of fracking, conveys a sense of place, and includes personal experience. Published by Ice Cube Press, Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America will be the first anthology of creative writing to explore fracking in the United States. The editors seek provocative prose, rooted in story, and compelling verse that takes readers to new depths of perspective.


Submission Guidelines:

Deadline: June 1, 2015

Estimated publication date: March 2016

*The editors are only accepting unpublished writing.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted; however, the piece must first appear in Fracture before appearing in any other publication.

A cover letter should accompany the submission, complete with contact information. Upon acceptance, the editors will request a three-sentence bio of each author.

The author’s name should not appear anywhere on the submitted manuscript.

Submissions must be in a Word document; if the author wishes that the editors see correct formatting of a piece, then the author may also submit their writing in a PDF file to ensure correct formatting.

Poetry: Submissions of up to 5 poems are accepted. The editors reserve the right to select one or more poems for inclusion in the anthology.

Prose: Submissions up to 4,000 words are accepted.

Please label your submissions file, as well as subject line of your email, as last name, title, and genre. (Example: Smith, “Fracking Fluid,” Poem.)

Email submissions to

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