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Media Arts Experience: Meet Our Panel

Meet our panel of for tomorrow’s program.



Anisa GandevivalaТ 

“Anisa is a physician turned manager, turned consultant, turned writer, poet, artist, connector and educator living in Columbus, Ohio. She tries not to be attached to labels and feeds her soul instead with creative projects and writing about obscure ideas, identities and hidden social forces. Anisa hopes for societies and people to actualize, learn and grow; she runs a workshop event called, ‘The Connection Experiment’, that explores important themes through ‘Creativity, Community and Consciousness’. She enjoys encouraging people to take creative risks, to be open to possibility with themselves and others, and, to listen to their soul. She also supports writers by hosting creative writing-poetry-art workshops and by working with the ‘Columbus Creative Cooperative’, a local publishing house, to make resources available to writers and artists.”











Robin Post

“Robin Post is the supervisor and creator of InterACT, the director of the Shakespeare and Autism program and the coordinator of newly developed teaching artist program.Т InterACT is a community engagement theatre program, established in 2006, whose mission it is to devise and perform interactive theatre with socially conscious content. Robin established InterACT as a service learning course which has developed partnerships across disciplines with university departments, colleges, and administrative units as well as with organizations and institutions within the greater Columbus community. The partnerships have resulted in dozens of interactive performances offering hands on training to university instructors in the areas of diversity inclusion and social justice.”Т —Т 











Mark Lomax

“Inarhyme Recording artistТ Mark Lomax IIТ has spent a lifetime in music. His mother, a composer of gospel music, introduced him to both gospel and jazz at an early age. He continued his study of gospel music with Dr. Raymond Wise, founder of the Center for the Gospel Arts, where Lomax currently teaches…Т He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Music Art’s degree in composition at The Ohio State University. His myriad experiences have allowed him to create a wonderful blend of styles in his music. Whether he’s interpreting the Negro Spiritual through jazz, arranging gospel music for a symphony orchestra, or performing his original works, his music is relevant, probing, and inspiring.”Т —Jazz Columbus












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