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Connection to History of STUFF

I was searching the web and found this project that relates perfectly to the video I posted yesterday for History of Stuff. I could see the photographs being used for discussion and reflective writing.

Brian Ulrich: Copia—Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2001–11

Copia series (2001–10), a three-part project that confronts viewers with an in-depth examination of consumerism in American culture. Initially using a hand-held camera with the view finder at waist level, Ulrich remained anonymous while documenting shoppers engrossed in navigating the abundance of goods found in vast enclosed malls and big-box stores. The second phase focuses on thrift stores, the collecting places for discarded and unwanted consumer products, yet a primary destination for a growing segment of the United States’ population. The concluding group features haunting images of the impact of the 2008 financial crisis, highlighted by the exteriors and interiors of dark stores, ghost boxes, and dead malls.

Artist’s website!

Anyone recognize this location…??


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