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National Geographic January Issue- Kayapo Courage


I was in Barnes and Noble this past week, browsing through the magazines and on the cover of the National Geographic was an image of a member of the Kayapo tribe, native to the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil. This article is a great reference for looking at an important group that defines the diverse and complex identity of many Brazilians.

National Geographic article.

As mentioned in past posts, Brazilians are beginning to stand up for the basic rights and needs within their community. One group that is being deeply affected by the drastic changes of the land are the aboriginal tribes of the rainforest region. The website Eye on the Amazon follows the ongoing issue effecting aboriginal communities throughout South America.

“The Brazilian government is trying to pass laws saying indigenous people don’t need to be consulted for their rivers to be used for electricity or mining or even if the boundaries of their lands need to be redrawn”


Kayapo Portraits


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