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Realizing Value

With the Wasteland experience approaching rather soon, I wanted to share a great group of artists I had the opportunity to visit with in Miami during Art Basel last week. Guerra de La Paz is a collaboration between artists Alain Gerra and Nerlado de la Paz. Their work is centered around themes of consumerism and consumption. As I sat through their artist talk, I couldn’t help but see this connection to their work and that of Vik Muniz in Wasteland. In both of their visual experiences, they ask the view to decide and evaluate value with materials that are discarded. They work with primarily discarded clothing that are gathered from the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies in Miami’s Little Haiti. Below are a few images of their work.


After looking at their work, I have a whole new way of thinking about clothing. Later in the week, I had read the following article on NPR and thought it was an appropriate pairing.


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