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Finding Poetry on the Page and, Later, on the Canvas

A beautiful story about how viewing art informs writing, and how writing can deepen one’s experience of art!




  1. YES! —>
    “It’s language as a physical material, a substance so concentrated that you can all but hold it in your hands, turn it over, feel its textures.

    And it’s addictive. Once in your system, it’s impossible to shake, like a neurological imprint.”


  2. This is a wonderful piece and coincidentally our Director of Education at the Wexner Center, Shelly Casto, actually sent this piece to me the other day and I was preparing to share it on the blog… I am so glad you shared this Pam! It reinforces our work in a way that is meaningful. It is interesting in how our thoughts and ideas beautifully collide, how we come across resources in our separate thoughtful spaces and how by sharing we connect, collaborate seamlessly.


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