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Writing Matters in a Changing World

I saw this local one-day conference and thought about all of you…

Join OSU and Ohio colleagues in this unique conference on Saturday, February 2nd, from 8:00 to 5:00 PM in the Ohio Union. Register for this free event at, and explore that same page for links to our at-a-glance program.


At the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW), our own experiences and those of higher-education, K-12, and community partners indicate that 1) writing in all its forms is still very important and 2) changes in technologies, access to the internet, and new media tools are having an influence on what and how we communicate. Each day we also hear hyperbolic predictions about the future: some suggest we are seeing a decline in our civilization and others predict a golden age of communication. Somewhere in between we and our colleagues will find our own reality and a place where we can influence that reality. Unfortunately there are few venues for talking about the issues and practices of writing and composing outside of our narrow disciplines, job settings, and organizations. On Saturday, February 2nd, the Writing Matters in a Changing World conference will provide a space for interdisciplinary, inter-institutional conversations about questions like the following:


Why does writing matter? What has changed about the nature of writing and what has not? What can we learn across disciplines and institutions about composing in the 21st century?


Come join our excellent keynote speaker, Dr. Carolyn Miller ((NCSU), who will be in conversation with 50 professionally diverse colleagues presenting 25 panels. Most panels will fall into these tracks, which you can follow throughout the day:

Т•Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  Critical Issues facing Writing Programs

Т•Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  Writing in a Digital Age

Т•Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Writing and Composing

Т•Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  The Writing Experience of English Language Learners

Т•Т Т Т Т Т Т Т  Professional, K-12, & Civic Approaches to Writing


Register at or contact Dr. Richard (Dickie) Selfe (<>, 614-546-6854), the conference coordinator, for more information. A continental breakfast and drink service will be provided.


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