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Still thinking about photography after Leibovitz exhibit

Thanks again to Kim and the docents at the Wexner Center for a memorable experience at the Annie Leibovitz exhibit!

I just got around to reading the article that Kim posted in October, and I have a few more suggestions to add to the discussion about professional photography in the era of the cellphone photo. First is a lyrical piece ofТ writing that addresses the conundrum of when we should set down the camera and live in the moment:Т Т

There was also a great article in the Columbus Alive that made a nice pairing for my students since they had their gallery experience last Wednesday, December 5. The Alive article, like the one Kim posted, muses on the tension between the professional photographer and an Instagram ‘pro’.Т Within the article is a link to a lovely 25 minute documentary on by Columbus-based director Andy Newman. One of my students felt that the film has made a huge impact on her with the reinforcement of the idea to follow your artistic dreams. The link to the film is:Т Т (the title is “Portrait”-I had the best results to search ‘Andy Newman’ if the hyberlinks don’t work).

Last, but not least, is a link to Leibovitz’s Disney campaigns:Т


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