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PD Opportunity: Adaptive Art-Making Tools

Adaptive Art-Making Tools

Led by Cody Miller and Debra Griffing, facilitators from the Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery


When: Monday, November 5, 2012, 4:30-6:45 pm


Where: OSU Urban Arts Space, 50 West Town Street, Columbus OH 43215


Target Audience: preK-12 art educators, teaching artists, art studio facilitators, community art education administrators


Individuals and artists often take for granted their ability to hold and move a paint brush, position a canvas, or even view their creations. The opportunity for individuals with physical and mobility impairments to express themselves through visual art can be easily enhanced and possible by creating adaptive art-making materials. This workshop will provide attendees with exposure to different ways of adjusting art-making tools so participants of all ages and abilities can be included in the creative process. The workshop will include specific examples of tools developed by the presenters, a demonstration of how certain tools can be adjusted, and a supportive environment for participants to ask questions and discuss specific challenges they have faced as arts instructors.


Workshop size is limited and registration is required-Deadline Monday, October 29. To register send the following information to or call 614.241.5325.

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