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Visual Writing: Letters, Words, Text as Art

Artwork/design by UK graphic designer Craig Ward


In the classrooms, we have engaged in some really interesting conversations about what is or is not writing, what students consider writing (poetry, prose, academic writing, etc.) and what they consider something else (text/SMS, social media, etc.). Students have also expressed very different and interesting viewpoints about forms and styles. As our technologies develop more rapidly than we can often chew, and change with each blink of our eyes or the cursor, I do think this conversation of, “what is writing,” will remain unfinished and ongoing.


To add more ideas to the fold and to consider how different artists are interpreting writing, here is an article on, Writing in 3-D, by Jane Lerner (original article from Imprint magazine), featuring Lebanese graphic designer, Lara Captan, as he weaves in the shapes, styles, and textures of Latin and Arabic typography.



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