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Incredible Opportunity for Performing Artists at UW-Madison

Every year, the University of Wisconsin welcomes in a new crop of talented artists in their ground-breaking ‘First Wave’ program. If you’ve never heard of it, here would be a good place to check it out: First Wave!!!

This is a prime season for them as two important events are going on. For high school seniors that are performing artists, they can apply to attend UW as a part of the First Wave program by going to the website I previously referred to. It is HYPER competitive, allowing less than 25 students a year from all over the country to get in. Students will need to send in a portfolio of sorts with their application, but all those details can be seen on the website. This scholarship is worth $100,000 for the purposes of funding their undergraduate career at UW, so for students that fit the profile, this is definitely a worthwile application.

Shameaca Moore, an Eastmoor Acadamey graduate and award winning performer is currently a Junior in the program on a full scholarship!

For those that are sophmores and juniors, the program does an expensed retreat for students to spend a weekend seeing the campus and the program up close and personal. Its a great experience for the students and costs them nothing but their time, attention and enthusiasm for 2 1/2 days. The retreat is November 8th -11th and also in need of adult chaperones so please contact me for more details. William Evans,

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  1. William – I will pass this info on to my junior and senior students. I’ll email you if there are any interested parties. Thanks.


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