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Another Voice of Motivation

The discussion we had a few weeks ago focused on using art to challenge traditional education methods with the goal of fostering an environment for students to practice creative and critical thinking. A big question we dealt with was how should we teach this type of material? How can we motivate our students to see the world as a place of exploration, contention, or imagination? How can we teach our students to engage with their surroundings in meaningful ways?

If this still seems a bit abstract or difficult to digest, the bookHow to Be An Explorer of the Worldby Keri Smith provides a practical entry point to these issues.Through playful exercises and interesting projects,the book successfully reconfigures the everyday world as a space full of animation, movement, and interest.It speaks directly to creating narrative and gives more ways of framing and focusing experiences and ideas.

Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate its purpose. Click on the photos to make them larger and more readable.


  1. Already incorporating screenshots of the screenshots with a yearlong project for ACPA juniors. They’re pioneers, using Whitman’s poem of a similar title as a starting point. They are to explore, reflect, and present their journey at year’s end. This book seems like a useful aid in their endeavors.



    • Please do keep us posted on students’ exploration and reflections through Whitman’s poem as that literary work becomes more relevant in their own lives. Please do share the process and discoveries as they emerge along this journey. Exciting–taking on Whitman in a new and dynamic way.


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