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Dionne dazzles at DACC

On behalf of myself and my English 12 students, I would like to thank Dionne for her visit last Friday, September 14. The students were wowed by her enthusiasm and ready to partakeТ in the life of a PAGES participant (I can’t seem to stop the alliteration). I look forward to all of our interactions in the classroom and at the Wexner Center. Since none of my students have been before, I can’t wait to see their reactions.

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  1. Thank you Sherry, and nice alliteration all throughout. But I must say the real impression is of all of your students. I’m having a great time visiting each of your classes and meeting all of your students. They are bright, opened minded, and ready for new learning experiences. I’m excited for a great year in PAGES, to work with all of you, and to work with all of your students.


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