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The Bexley Community Book Club literary salon

September 19, 2012, The Bexley Community Book Club will host a literary salon featuring among other local literary talents, Rachel Wiley, author of the chapbook Misery Loves Backup Dancers, and the 2011 Grand Slam Champ for the Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam. This may be especially interesting and relevant to some of your students as we explore Louder than a Bomb.

The Bexley Community Book Club is local Literary resource and really tries to bring some dynamic literary programs to central Ohio. Past BCBC programs have included panels and/or readings with well known literary artists including Billy Collins, Andrew Hudgins, and Jennifer Egan (to name only a few).

Let students know what’s out there so they can see examples and check out different types of local literary readings for themselves. A few points of extra credit or participatory credit for attending a local reading probably wouldn’t hurt either!


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