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Stand Up for Shakespeare through OSU

The PAGES program next year will feature for its performing arts experience I Malvolio, a re-imagination of Twelfth Night by Tim Crouch. The play is performed in modern English, but uses a minor characterт€™s perspective creatively to reach a younger audience in a way that Crouch claims т€œbecomes an honest response rather than a pale reduction.т€

This new approach to Shakespeare is being shared by the Royal Shakespeare Company itself in their training program, Stand Up for Shakespeare (RSC). The programТ  connects educators with the RSC to share methods of using theatre in all ages of the classroom. RSC aims to familiarize young people with the rich texts of Shakespeare through kinaesthetic learning in a three-part philosophy called, т€œDo It On Your Feet, See It Live, Start It Earlier.т€

Again this year, OSU teams up with the RSC for the Stand Up for Shakespeare training program, beginning at OSUт€™s own Drake Performance and Event Center and concluding in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK. K-12 teachers and university educators are eligible to apply until June 1st.

The full training schedule, benefits, and fees can be found here:


photo credit: malvolio3: ТЉMatthew Andrews 2010


  1. Thanks to PAGES, next year’s students won’t bemoan, as Sir Andrew does, “O, had I but followed the Arts!”


    • Thanks for that sentiment Aaron. Whew! That’s one thing we can check off our list! We’ve got quite the line-up next year. Stay tuned for details…


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