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I’d never team taught until today with Mrs. Dionne Custer Edwards. I was hesitant to, in part, turn my classroom and the learning experience over to a guest and share the instruction with her, as I’m used to being the classroom manager who runs the show and does so with a authoritative approach. Today, however, I’ve seen the power of team teaching and incorporating the PAGES program into my courses. As Dionne and I worked together the experience became very much a commuinity where “my” classroom became “our” classroom. I mean “our” in the sense that Dionne and I shared the discussion questions and curriculum components, but also in the communal sense where the participation of the students morphed the environment into a community of learners sharing ideas and enlightening one another. It was an excellent experience and has alterred the way I see both the PAGES program and the utility of sharing classroom management and direction with an equally skilled educator. In the end, this method of education enriched all present today and with the students’ ability to continue their thinking and questioning into the Twitter and Facebook universes, there is no telling where the knowledge and questions surrounding “HOUSE/DIVIDED” might proliferate.

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