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A couple tips before seeing House/Divided…

Hi, folks!

I’ve been talking to Dionne about the upcoming Builders Association show, and I just wanted to pass along a couple things that we’ve been talking about.Т  The main topic that we’ve been talking about is preparing students for the fact that they may not (and, in fact, likely will not) understand every single piece of the terminology and jargon that the Builders use in House/Divided.Т  We’ve all worked hard to make sure that they get the basics, which is really important, but the fact is that most people don’t know the ins and outs of banking lingo.Т  Part of the point that the Builders are making with their show is that most people do not know much about banking and mortgages, and that this may have been one reason for the housing crisis.Т  It might be a good idea to encourage students to acknowledge that they don’t understand a scene or a line, but not to shut down if that happens.Т  I hope this is helpful, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday!

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